Cancelling your Pro plan

You can cancel your Pro plan in the subscription and billing section of your account settings. If you cancel your plan, you will continue to have Pro user rights until the end of your current billing cycle, and then your account will revert to the free Basic plan with a limit of 10 active session plans and no collaboration possibilities.

If you just need the Pro functionality of SessionLab occasionally, you may upgrade and cancel at any time. When you re-upgrade to the Pro plan, all your locked sessions will automatically become unlocked and your sessions will be shareable again.

Cancelling your Team plan

If you are on a Team plan, your team admins can cancel your subscription in the Account & Billing section of your Team account settings.

If you had a trial Team workspace, then your workspace will automatically be deleted and each session will move back to the Personal workspace of the person who created them, respectively.

If you are on an active (paid) Team plan, then your workspace will remain active until your current billing cycle expires and then it'll become suspended (including the sessions under the workspace), but won’t get automatically deleted - this allows you to re-upgrade later on without losing the folder structure you may have used on your team workspace.

However, if you prefer to have your Team workspace entirely deleted - which will move each session back to the original creator’s Personal workspace (but will result in your team folder structure being permanently deleted) - please email us and we are happy to help.

If any of those SessionLab users have more than 10 sessions at the time the Team trial expires, then they will need to choose which sessions they’d like to unlock in their Basic workspace.

Cancelling a Team subscription
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