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Tagging collaborators and in-app notifications
Tagging collaborators and in-app notifications

Take your collaboration to the next level

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Now you can tag your collaborators in any block or comment in your session. This is a great way to direct their attention to a specific part of your agenda if you have tasks or questions to assign to your colleagues or clients.

Additionally, staying in the loop is easier with the new in-app Notification Center, where you'll receive notifications about the sessions you own, or are a collaborator on.

How to tag a collaborator

In order to mention any of your session collaborators, simply enter the ‘@’ symbol, followed by your collaborator’s name.

Typing the name of someone who isn’t a member of your workspace (or invited to the session as a collaborator) will give you the option to invite them to your workspace.

This will add the member to your workspace, meaning it’ll be easier to add them as a collaborator to your session in the future, and therefore to tag them.

If a workspace member isn’t invited to a session as a collaborator, you will first need to do that before you’ll be able to tag them in your agenda.

Notification Center

You'll receive notifications in the new in-app Notification Center whenever someone you’re working with:

  • Tags you within a block of a session you’re invited to

  • Leaves or makes a comment on a session you’re invited to, or replies to a comment

  • Mentions you in the comments on a library method

These notifications will appear at the top right corner of your screen, and you’ll notice a red dot on the bell notification symbol, ensuring you never miss a mention.

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You’ll also receive email notifications about any mentions you’ve received, ensuring you stay easily on top of developments within your session.

Know when your tagged collaborators have completed their tasks

You might like to combine this new tagging feature with the task management functionality. Now you can create a task list and tag your collaborators on various items, so you can be sure your co-workers know activities which are assigned to them, and they can mark them as completed when done.

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