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For members of a community account: navigate and build your community template and method libraries

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If you are a member of a Community account, then you’ll have access to a library of workshop methods and an agenda template collection shared between the members of the community account.

In comparison to regular workspaces (which give you access to a shared workspace for all your team members’ sessions next to a shared library and template collection), the community account will only provide the shared library and template set without a shared workspace. So the actual sessions you create will end up in the workspace you own, or one you're a member of.

The community account will grant shared methods for the members, without giving a workspace where every team member would see everyone else’s sessions. This is a practical setup for the following use cases:

  • If you want to publish content to your community (e.g. to participants who took your course on running workshops)

  • If an organisation with multiple separate offices (each having its own shared workspace) wants to have a shared knowledge base (templates and library) for the whole organisation.

Creating templates in your community account

You can create a template by selecting the source session you want to make a template from, and selecting the Create template option from the Export menu.

Creating a template

In the pop-up window you will need to select the workspace where the template should be created. In the example below, the user is a member of two other workspaces and also a Community account, hence the three options where to create templates.

Please note that creating templates in a Community account is only possible for users with admin rights on the community account.

Using templates from your community account

When creating new workshop agendas (click on the ‘New session’ button on your homepage), you can easily duplicate any template from your Community account after you select the view of your community account in the session template selector dialog window:

Using templates from your community account

The new session will be automatically created on the workspace which you were viewing when you clicked on the 'New session' button.

Community library

Being a member of a community account also gives you access to a shared library where all members of your organization can find and reuse the workshop activities you are saving to your library.

Community library

You can reach this by selecting the corresponding view from the header of the library.

If the approval process is enabled in your community library, then any new library block added by members first needs to be approved by administrators of the account before they get visible to all members of the community.

Adding members to your Community account

Adding members to a Community accounts works the same way as adding members to a shared workspace account: from your workspace admin pages, where you need to select the correct account to invite members to:

Please note that the workspace admin area of the community account is only available for members with admin rights on the community account.

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