The IAF Methods Library

If you're an IAF Member, access the full IAF Methods Database

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The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and SessionLab have partnered up to provide a facilitation method database to IAF members on a new, modern platform, through the library functionality in SessionLab. Find out more about the cooperation here.

The IAF Methods Library is a set of facilitation tools and techniques collected and curated by IAF members. Part of the library is public to help facilitators to promote the power of facilitation worldwide, while the other part is accessible only if you are a member of IAF and you’ve logged in to SessionLab with your IAF account.

Your IAF membership will give you full access to the IAF Methods Library and your access to the IAF Methods Library is not influenced by the SessionLab plan (Basic, Pro, or Team) you choose to use.

Authenticating your account

If you have an IAF account, but have not yet created a SessionLab account: On the sign up page, select the signup option with the IAF logo:

If you are already logged in to the IAF website, your SessionLab account will now be created. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the IAF log-in page, and after successful logging in, your SessionLab account will be created and access will be granted to you to the full IAF Methods Library.

If you already have a SessionLab account: you can then easily connect it with your IAF account at your SessionLab account settings with the ‘Connect to IAF’ option under your picture profile.

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