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Multi-day sessions
Move or copy blocks between days or sessions
Move or copy blocks between days or sessions

Move or duplicate content between the different days in your session, or from another session entirely

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If you have a session that you want to use as design inspiration and you’d like to copy blocks from one session to another, then the Overview comes especially handy here. You can reach this view by clicking on 'Overview' in the header of the Session Planner tool in any of your sessions.

The big advantage of the Overview is that it allows you to load any number of session plans next to each other in a zoomed out view and work with them. By default, it loads the session plan from where you click on ‘Overview’, and then you can open any other sessions you have access to in new columns.

If you open sessions in the Overview, then you are able to move blocks and groups between sessions or between day-sessions by dragging and dropping.

If you hold down the ALT key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) while dragging a block or group, then it will be copied, so the source session will stay intact. You need to keep holding down the ALT / Option key until you have dropped the block into the appropriate place.

copying blocks in the multi plan view

You can also move or copy groups of blocks from one session to another in the Overview in exactly the same way as described above for individual blocks.

Keep in mind that you can only move or copy blocks into sessions where you have owner or editor rights.

Copy blocks or groups from one session to another

You can also easily copy any blocks or groups from the session you are working on to another session. Simply click on the dotted menu on the top left of the block, select 'Copy to...', then choose the session you’d like to copy the block to.

The block will then automatically appear in the ‘Parking Lot’ area of that session.

See this short video on how to find blocks which you've copied from one session to another, or content which you've added to your agenda from the library of facilitation methods:

Move or copy blocks between sessions in the Overview view

You can easily move or copy blocks between different sessions by using the Overview view of your agenda.

In order to do this, first open the session which you'd like to add content to, and navigate to the Overview by clicking on the ‘Overview’ button in the header.

Once you have the session open in the Overview, load the other session you would like to take / copy content from by clicking on the ‘Go to Multi Plan View’ button on the right side of the screen, and selecting the session, or searching for it using the search bar.

When you’ve opened the session(s) you want to merge, you can simply drag and drop blocks from one session to another to move content between sessions.

Or to copy content between sessions, you can hold the Option key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows) while dragging and dropping, and a duplicate of the block will be created to be dragged and placed into your current session.

Finally, to close the session you had opened in parallel to the one you're currently working on, click on the three dots at the top of the session, and choose 'close'.

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