You can earn free months of a SessionLab Pro subscription if you invite new people to join SessionLab.

If you are on an individual (Basic or Pro) SessionLab subscription, you are rewarded with a free month of SessionLab Pro for every 3 people who sign up from the invitations you create at your ‘Invitations’ page in SessionLab.

Please note that session collaboration invitations – when you directly invite collaborators to your sessions from a session you are working on – do not count towards your reward count.

How do I get my invitation rewards?

If you are on the free Basic version of SessionLab, when you reach 3 invitations redeemed, you automatically get a 30-day Pro trial period credited on your account.

If you are on a paid Pro subscription, your reward is applied from the start of your next billing cycle. (If you are on a monthly subscription, then from the next month, if you are on an annual subscription, then from the next year).

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