Users on a Pro plan are able to add a logo which will appear on the top right of all session exports in place of the default SessionLab logo. Your logo should be 120 pixels wide and up to 120 pixels high for best performance and you can update this in your account settings.

Please note: after you upload your logo, you'll need to refresh your screen to see the changes.

Users on a Team plan can have the logo of their team displayed on their session printouts, which Team admins are able to update at their team account settings (under the Settings tab). You can read more about adjusting your team settings here.

How can I add my company logo to the library resources that my team creates?

You can add your company logo to the library resources that your team creates in order to have a coherent profile image for your library resources.

On your team settings page, just simply upload your profile logo, and it will be displayed in the library for the resources that your colleagues add to your team library. Please mind that this logo should be a round version in order to fit well as a profile image.

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