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Color-coded block categories
Color-coded block categories

Edit the default colours and categories which are applied to your sessions, or on a session-by-session basis

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Adding color-coded categories to your sessions will help give you an easy overview of the style and interaction mix of your session. For example, if you notice that a large portion of your sessions is dedicated to presentations, you may wish to balance this out by adding more interactive blocks to your session.

Instead of editing the block categories for each session individually in the Session Planner, you can set default block categories which will be applied as default for all new sessions created in your workspace. Setting default block categories is available for users on a paid subscription.

For paid users: When you change the default block categories in your workspace's account settings, this will take effect for all new sessions created in this workspace, and it will not overwrite the categories you have used in already existing sessions. You may choose to stick with the default suggested colors, or use your own preferred color set via the color picker tool.

Only a workspace owner or admins of a workspace is able to change the default block categories in their workspace, and you'll be able to set different default block categories in all the workspaces you have access to (providing you're the workspace owner or a workspace admin).

Color-coding categories in the Session Planner

Change your session’s categories and their associated colors on a session-by-session basis. In the Session Planner, you can assign interaction color categories to your blocks, and the left-hand sidebar will show the color coding together with a proportional time overview.

Changing the categories and their colors in the Session Planner will only affect the session you’re working on.

When assigning a color to a category, you’re able to choose from the default 8 colors, or if you want to apply your own color scheme, you can select any custom color you may like using HEX, RGB, or HSL values.

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