We’ve made some changes to our session planner to make it easier for you to manage the blocks in your agenda. When you create a new session or open an existing session, you will notice a couple of usability improvements that have changed the layout of some key buttons in the Session Planner.

The button to add a new block, group or breakout is now on the top left side of the blocks in your session:

When you click on it, a menu will open and you can choose which type of block you’d like to add to your session:

Similarly, in this menu you will find the options to add a note or import a library method.

Moving blocks within your session

Click on the dotted grip on the top left side of each block, and you’ll be able to drag and drop the block to another position in your agenda.

Block Details: Adding Instructions, Materials, Attachments

The button to add block details such as attachments, instructions and materials is now on the right side of the block that you are editing. Please note, attachments must now be added by accessing the block details area.

Click the arrow button and the block details section will open in the right side panel, allowing you to add your goals, materials, instructions, attachments and any background information you wish to include.

Another way to add block details is by clicking on the dotted button on the left side of the block and choosing the ‘Block details’ option. This menu replaces the dropdown menu which was previously on the top right of each session block.

This menu will also allow you to complete a number of actions regarding your block - you can add a comment, expand or collapse the block, or duplicate the content amongst other things.

The comment button is now located on the right side of the block that you are editing, above the lock Details button:

Once you click on the button you will see the comments field open on the right side panel where you can see all the previously added comments and be able to add new ones.

Expanding / collapsing blocks

The button to expand your block or group has a new look and can be found in-between the blocks in your agenda

You can also expand / collapse your blocks using the dotted menu on the upper left side of any block:

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