Introducing Teams

Effective collaboration, co-creation, and sharing of resources is a vital ingredient of any successful team, group, or organization.

SessionLab’s Team plan is designed for groups of five or more people who regularly collaborate, wish to share and reuse templates and resources, and deliver great sessions.

Whether you’re a group of freelancers, a facilitation community, or an organization, a SessionLab Team plan can help your team save time when co-creating. You’ll be more efficient when creating sessions and can help spread best practices and great resources across your organization too!

What is a team?

A SessionLab team is a shared workspace where all your team members can collaborate on sessions, access team templates and methods and more. It’s the perfect place for a group or organization to co-create and plan sessions and save time in the design and planning process.

A team account starts with five or more seats and can grow in size as your organization does!

You can be a member or admin of multiple teams, and whatever plan you choose, you have a private workspace to work on your own sessions too.

With a team plan, every member of the team has access to:

  • A private team library where you can create, share, and reuse methods, activities, and blocks across your team

  • Private templates for your team. Create complete workshop agendas that can be shared across your organization and iterated upon the future

It’s worth noting that every team member can invite collaborators from outside the team to work on sessions with them. If you have colleagues who only occasionally collaborate, they don’t necessarily need to occupy one of the seats of your team plan. Reserve those paid seats for your team members who will use them or may need the Pro or Team features of SessionLab.

Creating and managing your team workspace

You can start a team account by creating a team workspace from the Subscription and Billing section of your account page. When you start a new team, you receive a 15-day trial, so you can invite your colleagues, start collaborating and co-creating without committing to a subscription.

Once you’ve created your team workspace, you can invite and manage the members of your Team on your team account page.

By default, anyone you add will be a member and have the following privileges:

  • Create sessions and folders inside your team workspace

  • Invite collaborators to their sessions. The collaborators will have access only to the sessions they were invited to. Session collaborators do not count towards the total number of seats in the team account. (i.e. You can invite any user to your sessions.)

  • View any other session inside your team workspace with viewer-only rights and copy blocks from them.

  • Access your private team library and templates and contribute content

As team admin you have the following privileges:

  • Add and remove team members

  • Edit (including move and delete) any session in your team workspace

  • Change team settings (e.g. logo, default block categories)

Your team workspace is where you and your team members will co-create sessions, share templates, and create your private team library.

The left-hand sidebar is also where you’ll find your personal and team workspace. Every member of a team has a personal workspace where they can work on their own sessions and only share them if they wish.

For groups or communities using SessionLab, it’s great to be able to do your private client work in your personal workspace and collaborate in the team workspace. Moving sessions between workspaces is easy too! SessionLab is as flexible as you need it to be.

Working with your team

When working in your team workspace, you can click on the new session button to start a new session that will be visible for all members of your team.

You can choose to start a session from scratch or from a template. You can use one of our public templates or if you’ve added team templates, you can use these too!

By default, all sessions created in a team workspace are visible to all members of that space.

If you want teammates to be able to edit a session you’ve created in your team workspace, you can invite them to edit that session and they’ll be able to work on the session collaboratively.

All of the collaboration features of SessionLab, including real-time collaboration and comments are available to all the members of your Team workspace. You can work together on sessions at the same time and leave feedback too!

Team templates and methods

Your team might have a standardized meeting structure or prebuilt sessions for internal or external workshops. These are perfect candidates to become templates that everyone on your team can reuse to help speed up the design process and keep everything consistent across your organization.

You can find your templates in the left-hand sidebar of your workspace. Here, you’ll see templates organized into public, private, and team workspaces.

The library allows you to create a private knowledge base for your team. You can add your favorite facilitation resources and create a centralized place where your team can create and share facilitation methods for use in future sessions.

You can even add comments to specific blocks so you can discuss and evaluate the methods in your private library and create a living knowledge base. While working in the Session Planner, you can search for and use those methods that have been created for a Team workspace and easily drag and drop the block into your session.

You and your team might have added a set of standardized activities and methods you want to use across your organization, or some common elements you reuse over the course of many workshops. Adding these to your team library means they’re available in every session you work on in your team workspace!

Organising your team workspace

In your team workspace, you’ll see the sessions you and your team are working on together and can sort them by name, date, client, and last modified date. You can also see which team members have contributed to specific sessions.

Want to find a specific session? Use the search bar to search based on name or tag.

Session owners or the team admin can also edit the name, date, client, and tags of your sessions by clicking on the edit button on the right-hand side.

Organizing your team workspace is made easy by using tags and folders. You can create as many folders as you need and use the additional options button on the right-hand side to move a session into your folder of choice.

We like to have separate folders for internal and external workshops, and for particular projects. Being able to quickly navigate and find resources we’re working on asynchronously really speeds up our workflow!

Tags are also a great way to identify and categorize your sessions. Use our existing selection of tags or create your own! You might tag based on format (meeting, workshop, event, training, etc) purpose (problem-solving, team building, design.) or even specific teams or projects.

The client field is another good option when it comes to filtering and organising your sessions. If you’re working on a series of meetings, workshops and roundtables for specific clients, being able to see all of these at a glance can help you keep track of the project.

Customizing and managing your team

Making your team workspace feel like your own can really help make your team feel welcome!

In SessionLab, you can customize your team account by adding a logo and setting up default color coding categories that work across your team workspace. This is useful for ensuring consistency for all sessions created under your team workspace, though members have the option of overriding or adding new ones inside each session.

As a team admin, you’ll want to overview the members of your team, add and remove team members, and change privileges.

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