Adding tags to a session, template or method will help classify each resource and maintain organization in your team account. Applying tags consistently will mean you’re able to find the sessions you need through the dashboard search function easily. You can read more here about how to tag your sessions.

You can see an overview of all the tags your team has applied to your team sessions, team templates and team methods in your library by heading to your team account settings and clicking on ‘Tags’ on the left side:

Here you’ll be able to see the number of tags your team has used, alongside the number of times each tag has been used in a session, template or method. You can use the search bar on this page to find the statistics for any particular tag.

Finding sessions, templates and methods which have used certain tags

If you’d like to search for where a certain tag was used in a session you can use the search option on your homepage, and sessions where the tag is present will be suggested to you:

Likewise, you can search in your team methods library for tags, and you’ll be shown methods which have this tag applied:

Finally, navigate to the template section from your homepage, filter on team templates, and you can click on any tag name from the header to search for all templates with that tag:

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