Every SessionLab user has a Personal workspace by default. When someone is invited to a team, that person also gets access to the workspace of the team. This way a team member can see every session belonging to the team.

Team workspace and Personal workspace

When you create a new session, the session will be created at the workspace and folder where you were located when pressing the ‘New session’ button. If you are in the Home view when creating a session, then, by default the session is created under the Team’s workspace.

Every session created under the Team’s workspace will be visible with viewer rights to all members of the team.

Dashboard views for your Team

If you are a member of a Team, then you will have 3 main views on your dashboard: Home, Your Team and Personal.

The Team view will contain all sessions belonging to your team, including:

  • Sessions created by you

  • Sessions shared directly with you

  • Session not shared directly with you (sessions that your colleagues created, but didn’t invite you specifically to collaborate)

The Home view shows the 24 most recently modified sessions from your whole account, regardless of which workspace and folder they are located in. Since this view only displays sessions, the folders are not displayed here, and you cannot create folders while being in the Home view.

The Home view shows only those sessions where you are invited as a collaborator. (While in your Team workspace view, you can see all sessions under your Team account, even if you are not invited to the session as a collaborator).

The following table helps to get an overview of which sessions you can see in the various Workspaces and Views.

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