If you’re on a monthly or annual Pro plan and would like to upgrade for the Team plan, we are happy to help decrease the amount of your next payment for your Team plan with the outstanding amount from your current Pro billing cycle.

  • If you decide to upgrade your team workspace, email us with the name of your team workspace and mention that you would like to transform your existing Pro subscription into a Team subscription. In case you have other team members who also have active Pro subscriptions, please let us know.

  • We will apply the pro-rated leftover amount from your team subscription to your new subscription, and we'll let you know once this is done.

  • You may upgrade your team workspace and cancel your prior Pro subscription. (the Team version will provide you all the Pro user rights, so there is no point to pay twice for the same functionality)

In case you have already upgraded and paid for a Team subscription, just let us know and we can apply the outstanding amount of Pro subscription towards your next Team payment.

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